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Do casinos actually give these big prices away?

Question: Online Casinos often run competitions with big prices like cars, luxury holidays or cash prices. Do somebody actually win these prizes?


I would say yes. If a big brand (e.g. 888 Casino, Inter Casino, Spin Palace) runs a completion or lucky draw, you will find that most of the time there will be a lucky winner. I have friends who have won holidays on a cruise ships, and one even won a BMW Z4.

There are competitions where nobody wins. Just check out the terms and conditions from the casino promotion. You usually find a paragraph stating: The casino has the right to change or terminate the promotion at any given time without any prior communication to participants. Therefore one donít always know.

Why would a casino not give a prize away that they advertise? The set up of a promotion, marketing and prizes are a cost for the casinos. Letís say it was £20 000 and the promotion is running for 2 months and after 6 weeks, only 37 customers signed up and the casino made £4 000 only, itís at that point that the management will make a business decision and stop the completion and cut their losses. It is unfair for anybody who signed up, but an online casino, as any other company, will make this decision.