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Online progressive Jackpots are higher than in real casinos. Not true!

Question: Last week I was reading some of your posts and got the feeling you know what you are talking about. Today I reading in the pager a lady won 33 Million Dollars in a Reno casino 2 days ago. This contradicts your statement!


Thanks for your comment and you are absolutely right. I wasn’t aware of such high progressive Jackpots in Nevada casinos. I must admit I have never worked in a B&M casino and all my knowledge is from visiting casino and talk to other gamblers and staff members. Anyway, I am not making excuses; I should have done my research before my progressive jackpot reply.

33 Million Jackpot is big and I am very happy for this lady and hope next time it will be you or me. I would also be very happy taking the 6 Million Mega Moolah Jackpot in UK Pounds bigsmile.gif